Jelly Swarm by Alex Beim & Joseph Wu

Inspired by luminescent jellies found off the British Columbia coast, Jelly Swarm mimics their natural, reactive light behaviour. In the Pacific Ocean, when disturbed, Aequorea victoria release short bursts of calcium which interacts with a photoprotein to create flashes of light. In the Pacific Canada Pavilion gallery at the Vancouver Aquarium, the public can excite origami jellies into creating beautiful patterns of colour and light using a touch screen controller. When left alone, free from human intervention, the origami jellies instinctively react to each other. Random, generative displays of drifting coloured glow are triggered, not unlike jellies in their natural environment.

Jelly Swarm overhangs the gallery space. The soft, coloured light emitted by the jellies reflects on the aluminum surface. Viewed from below, the visual effect evokes looking up to the ocean’s surface from undersea. The installation features 94 origami jellies, folded in Tyvek. Each jelly contains its own RGB LED module. The 472ft² hanging surface was custom designed in 3D and fabricated from 6061T6 aluminum. Water jet cut and anodized on both sides, it comprises 154 generated triangles and 430 connector pieces.

Programed as self-contained objects capable of interacting with their closest neighbours, the Jelly LED modules are interrupted only by external intervention – the public engaging with the small display interface. Data is sent from an AIR app to each LED module via mbed wirelessly.

#Lightweaver by STEREO.BOT

The #LIGHTWEAVER is the next generation of fusion between architectural study, interactive multimedia and dynamic lighting. #LIGHTWEAVER is a 24 hour kinetic sculpture interplaying natural and artificial light against a curvilinear knotted frame. Towering 45 feet tall with a diameter of 75 feet, this massively spatial structure is sure to be witnessed from across the festival grounds. During the day, its bold coloration is contrasted by complex shadow lines wrapping the structure and silhouetting intricate shade patterns in the ground. At night, #LIGHTWEAVER becomes a spatial canvas brought to life by OBSCURA’s light and sound score, a multimedia experience challenging the comprehension of temporal and spatial dimensions.


Design and Production


Alexis Rochas

Lighting and Sound Score

The Inanimate by Ilan Katin & Jasmine Guffond |

By treating mundane cardboard boxes aesthetically, rather than for their intended functional purpose, we aim to invoke a sensual experience and appreciation, that all objects have a life beyond our immediate and static perception of them.
- Projector
- Computer
- Boom box
- 35 white cardboard boxes

Ilan Katin: video and sculpture
Jasmine Guffond: sound